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Beginner’s Guide to Buying a PC

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Before you let someone talk you into a computer because of all the snazzy things it does or how it looks, remember that the key question you should ask is: What will I be using it for? This more than anything affects what you should look for.

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.UK domains announced

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Nominet which is the organisation that runs uk domain names have announced plans that will allow owners to buy a “” web address to use instead of or as well as “”, “” and other alternatives. They will be priced the same as other .uk domains at around £6 for a 2 year registration. It has been a controversial decision which was only approved after a second consultation. The new domain will be on sale in summer 2014.

Nominet has extended the time limit its customers have to decide whether they want to pay for a shorter name before it will be offered to others. The original plan was to offer a six-month “first option” window, but the right of refusal period will now last up to 5 years then it will be open to anyone to register. Registrants are only eligible for a Direct .uk domain if they are a current registrant of a domain name. If you own a domain for longer than the has been registered you will unfortunately lose out.

If a domain is not currently registered, then you will be free to register this domain as soon as Direct .uk launches next year. You will be able to register your Direct .uk domain for a period between 1 and 10 years. At present there is only one website in the UK running on .uk and that is

Great value Microsoft xbox points and Gold subscriptions

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Very soon Microsoft Points are being retired, and transactions on Xbox 360′s will take place using your local currency instead of Microsoft Points. If you currently have Xbox Live Rewards then prior to the transition of your account, all your earned and pending Microsoft Points will be added to your account.

However before that happens has found what we think is the cheapest online Microsoft points provider –

Whilst searching for a Xbox Gold membership renewal they came in at a cheap £28.99 and that was was for 13 months !! They provided us with an instant code within 5 minutes which was great service.

They also have an offer on at present for 2100 Microsoft points via an instant code for less than £16 (£15.99). also sell Playstation Live cards and subscriptions so if these products are what you are currently searching for check the site out.

Iphone 5 review

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So what are the differences between iphone 5 and the iphone 4s?

The Apple iPhone 5 is noticeably lighter and thinner than the iPhone 4S. Changing the use of stainless steel and some of the glass with anodised aluminium makes a big difference to how it feels. It does not feel flimsy like some of the Android-based phones instead feels strong but yet very light. This new Apple 4G smartphone is available on Orange and other networks now.

After using the iphone 5 for a while and then going back to the iphone 4s you will feel the difference in weight. The iphone 5 is also about 9mm longer than the iPhone 4S, which gives the phone another 176 rows of pixels on the screen.

Videos look better on Apples iphone 5 because they fit better in the 16:9 proportions of the screen, and you get an extra row of app icons as well. If you are wondering if Apps run differently on a bigger screen then Apps that haven’t been updated to 16:9 run at their usual size. The iphone 5′s big camera improvement is the front-facing lens which is now capable of 720p video and can take a decent still photo.
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Apple Ipad 3 Unveiled

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It now looks like Apple will finally be releasing its latest version of the best selling Ipad next Month. The Ipad 3 looks likely to go on sale around the 7th March 2012. The all new Ipad3 is expected to come with a much higher screen resolution of 2048 pixels by 1536 pixels. Many tech sites have predicted the Ipad3 will feature the “retina display” already on the iPhone 4S. This display is called “retina display” because Apple’s claim is that at arm’s length, the screen allows for the maximum amount of detail the human retina can perceive.

A recent report in The Wall Street Journal suggested that Apple had been testing a smaller tablet, with a screen size of 8in diagonally (20.3cm), rather than the 9.7in (24.6cm) screen of the current iPad 2.
Not only would a smaller iPad be cheaper but it will allow Apple to market it in countries like China where consumers have a large appetite for Apple devices but where many cannot afford the relatively high price due to small wages.

It would also be interesting how Amazons Kindle fares against a more compact Ipad.

Apple iPad review – Is the all-new ipad worth your money?

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You have already heard all about the iPad, heard about what it can offer, and surely heard that some are calling it a netbook killer. The cheapest ipad model retails at £439 in the UK. The same version in the US costs just $499 (£337).
Part of the difference in price is due to British VAT and US sales tax. The same model before tax costs £37 ($55) more in the UK.

With all of that information you are probably still wondering if shelling out for this brand new device is really worth it. To help you decide if the new technology is worth your hard earned money, here is a full iPad review that will show you what the iPad does and how it could benefit you.

Apple ipad review

Apple ipad review

The overall usefulness of the iPad is going to large depend on your own unique lifestyle and which applications you feel are the most important. It all depends whether you are the type of person that enjoys working with a large, powerful desktop or someone that is used to getting things done on the go thanks to a smartphone. If you are used to a smartphone then you will love the applications that the iPad comes with, although the device cannot do everything that a desktop computer could do.

Apple iPad Design
There is no need for an iPad review to delve deeply into how the device looks, as there are more than enough pictures swirling around the internet. Instead all you really need to know is that the design is stunningly beautiful. More »

Apple iMac review

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Well at long last the new iMac has been released by Apple.

New imac review

New imac review

The latest Apple iMac offers a high-performance NVIDIA graphics card that will bring all the power you need to the latest 3D games and graphics-intensive applications.
The new upgrade includes faster processors and twice the memory for all iMacs,  a big improvement.
With up to 4GB of memory standard (2GB on the entry model), faster processing speeds and hard drive space up to 1TB it really is a powerful desktop computer.

You still have the same choice of screen size on the imac ie. 20inch and 24 inch. The new iMac is so energy efficient, it meets ENERGY STAR 5.0 requirements and has earned the EPEAT Gold rating and in these green consious times that has to be commended. More »


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